School Age Program

About:"Before and After School Program"

Our vision is providing our children with a prepared environment that provides the opportunity for physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our aim is to stimulate the child’s development in:


  • A more positive self-image
  • Expressing himself / herself creatively
  • Responsibility and learning to make safe choices
  • Sharing and compatibility
  • Self-Reliance

All of our play equipment and work material is carefully selected for its value in attaining these goals. Our program is flexible, allowing children a wide choice of activities. A good balance of quiet and active play, both in and outdoors, is encouraged. Children are always around equipment and toys that are safe and practical for their age.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to give quality care and guidance to young children by supplementing the home environment and providing children with an atmosphere that is rich in meaningful learning experiences during the early, formative years. All children will be treated with respect and at no time will be subject to physically or verbally demeaning punishment. We will provide a creative and warm environment which will include: arts, crafts, music, sensory activities, academics, stories, emotional regulation and manners, indoor/ outdoor play, quiet times, and nap times.

Enrichment Programs

Coming Soon